The province of Formosa is located in the northeast of the country, in the Norte Grande Argentino region, bordering to the north with the Pilcomayo River that separates it from Paraguay, to the east with the Paraguay River that separates it again from Paraguay, to the south with the Bermejo and Teuco rivers that separate it from Chaco, and to the west with Salta, through a meridian.

Framed in a rich natural environment where jungles in galleries, tropical forest and savannah are combined, habitat of a large number of animal species, it is one of the provinces with the greatest biodiversity.

You and I here, one night like this. What do you think? In Formosa, you can connect with nature during the day and the night.
Tip: Enjoy this starry sky and only use your cell phone to take pictures.

Photo: @minturformosa @visitargentina