IN the province of Jujuy, one of the highest locations in the country with its 3851 meters above sea level and very close to the tripartite point of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

It was one of the largest mining and commercial centers in the region since its founding in the 16th century.

Site of ancient Inca domain and marked by the lineage of the ethnic group of the Cochinocas.

If you visit Rinconada you will be able to visit the Laguna de los Pozuelos, a protected area that was declared a Natural Monument.

How to get

It is reached by Provincial Route 62, a consolidated road of 62 km (Provincial Route 7), which can be taken after 4 km to the north of Abra Pampa, by Route 9.

The amenities provide lodging services and regional gastronomy.

In the same destination you have local guides who take us to the corrals next to the houses, to live all the rural culture of Puno, with its sheep, camelids and goats. Turn around the Rinconada.

Photo: @visitjujuy @visitargentina