Tafí del Valle, one of the most characteristic tourist villages in the province of Tucumán, offers a magical environment to anyone who wishes to visit it. Surrounded by mountains, it is the ideal place to rest while enjoying some delicious mates with some homemade sweet, a delicious wine with the characteristic cheeses of the place or to take a walk along the artisan route and buy some of their products that are unique; while it is known about its culture and its ancient techniques of elaboration.

Tafí del Valle is a city in the Calchaquí Valleys, in northwestern Argentina. It is surrounded by high mountains with trails, such as Matadero, Muñoz and Pabellón. In the city, the Jesuit Chapel La Banda has a museum that preserves religious art and cultural relics. The Tafí River flows south towards the huge La Angostura reservoir. Nearby is the Los Menhires archaeological reserve, where there are ancient stone statues with carved designs. ⁣