We are taking you on a tour round the Automobile Museum in Santiago del Estero. Enjoy the classic, Formula One and TC competition cars, motorbikes and helmets displayed in the various rooms. Do not miss this experience!.

The “Termas de Río Hondo Automobile Museum” is located within the “Termas de Río Hondo International Circuit”, province of Santiago del Estero.

It is the only museum that is located within a circuit in Argentina. MTRH presents a tour that stops at key moments in motoring and sports motorcycling in the country and in the world.

The sample circuit is organized into six systems: Formula 1, Road Tourism, Historic Sports, Formula, National Industry and Classic Motorcycles. In the «Museo del Automóvil Termas de Río Hondo» the protagonists who wrote the most important pages in the history of motor sport are present.